Back in spring 1995, Bruno and I have been dating for a month only.

We are driving, looking for a place to have dinner, and while we go through the narrow streets of the “moreniche” hills, Bruno stops the car and says “I’ll show you something”.

We arrive in front of what had once been a gate, we cross it, and then walk along the little road that climbs the hill. All around there were so many holes, some of them very deep, probabily the consequence of a sand pit. Then we saw a house, a big house.

We look at each other, and we don’t need to say anything, because the strong energy that that place emanates talks to us.

Unconsciousness? Madness? No, love.

After a few months we move there, and the adventure of our family begins.

Eroma, that is the name that we give to our dream, to our house, because, read backwards, it Amore, that in italian means Love.

On June the 14th 1995 the inauguration.

And year after year there are new works, new ideas, new developements.

Michele, at that time was studying in Milan, but was really helpfull, helping us during the summer.

In 2002, we had the most beatiful gift we could ever ask for. Allyza and MariaChiara joined us, and our family became bigger.

Today, Bruno and I, after 20 years, are still here, united by the same love, by the same desire to do new stuff.

Michele who deals with finance, travels a lot, but he always gives us the necessary support.

Allyza after her studies and having gained experience in the hospitality branch in Italy and abroad, today is here with her experience and many ideas.

Chiara is attending her last year of high school, but since she was five her dream was to take care of Eroma and its guests… you will hear her voice soon!

So much Eroma to you all


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