Everything that exists on Earth is not made only by matter, but also by a spiritual element that flows from the cosmo.
Fhilosopher and educator Rudolf Steiner

The farmer must take in account this principle and he has to attend to it, so life can be created in his fields through the impulse of cosmic forces. The term “biodynamic” means, in fact, life (bio), which originates from the activity of forces (dynamic).
Biodynamic agriculture (livestock accordingly), starts from the basis that the farm is a real living orga- nism inserted into the largest living cosmic organism, whic by is influenced. The biodynamic farmer knows these influences and consequently adopts a practical method that promotes, with the result
of having fertile soils, vital and healthy products. Donate a new shaper cosmic pulse for the plant, which as a manifestation of natural forces, become more and more becomes an expression of profes- sional human intervention.
It‘s from these principles that Eroma took his handbook to develop his 22 acres where horticultural crops, fruit trees and olive trees alternate with cattle farm, and farmyard animals. From crops and livestock, the products of the company Eroma Naturalmente are born naturally.