Manifesto of Eroma

We think that the best way to introduce us is to make known our values , those in which we believe, coming from our origins and our past, those which encourage us to improve every day to give you, as well as a relaxing stay, a long-lasting emotion.

We believe in time, the one you think you do not have, the one in which you hear your inner rhythm, the one marked by the hours of light and dark, the one that’s needed by a bud to become a flower, the one that is necessary for a seed to become a fruit , the one that still lives in these places of our tradition and that we can make ours if we know how to listen.

We believe in nature, the earth, in the fruits that it gives us, in the immensity of his ancient wisdom. We believe that if everyone does not stop to respect it his strength will prevail. We respect our environment and the harmony of all things.

We believe in the freedom of walking barefoot on the grass, just to taste a ripe fruit, to express an emotion without worrying about the judgment, in the freedom of doing any thing when we want to do it, in this unique space, far away from the everydays hustle and the obligations that life sometimes brings us to comply.

We believe in quality products, such as those that are cultivated by us, the fruits of our land. We also believe in the quality of life, which is reached when our body and our soul are aligned in a total wellness, in a conscious serenity. Eroma is the place where you can find this balance and rejuvenate your body and soul.

We believe in the simplicity and genuineness of the ancient things, often lost traditions, which in Eroma we wanted to rediscover and return to their original importance. The importance of the small things, to be able to look at the world always through the eyes of a child.

We believe it is important to enhance the food the regional products and the recipes that have been handed down from mother to daughter, recipes perfectly suited to the needs of the people, fruit of the love and simple and genuine ingredients grown in our land.

We believe in the passion for our work, for the simple and genuine things, we believe in the love that governs all things, and that, finding himself, reflects and becomes … Eroma.