At Eroma you will have also the chance to live an experience in contact with what is called the most noble and elegant animal.

Alessandra and Mirco are happy to share their experience with everyone, with the ones that have never been on a horse before, or the ones more experinced.

And if you have your own horse, you can come with him as well.

A new activity was added in 2018.

We are equipped with 12 boxes, rod, rectangle with sand and paddok.

We have horses of our own and retired ones.

The instructors Alessandra and Mirco are albe to help everyone, young and old, experienced or not riders, for lessons and walks.

Particular attention is given to children who are already approaching the horse with playful activities from the age of four.

Possibility of walks within the structure on a path of 2.5 km also for children.

Horseback riding lessons

(minimum age 6 years old)
1 hour lesson 25,00 euros

Playful activity with horses

(age 4/6 years old)
30 minutes lesson 15,00 euros

Horse riding walks

(minimum age 14 years old)
From 1 to 3 hours 20,00 euros/h


  • 5 lessons 115 euros
  • 10 lessons 220 euros
  • 2 lessons + 3h walk 100 euros
  • 5h walk 90 euros
  • 10h walk 180 euros

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